Ultraguard Super Epoxy vs Plaster

UltraGuard Swimming Pool Finishes vs. Marcite Plaster Finishes

When your plaster swimming pool was first built, it should have lasted 10-22 years. When your plaster pool needs resurfacing, the longevity of the plaster is only about 5-6 years or less. Most pool contractors offer a 1-year warranty on plaster restorations. If this new plaster finish should fail they will always say your water chemistry was not kept properly. There are no guarantees on plaster pool refinishing in this industry.

Pool Chemicals

Plaster swimming pool surfaces are extremely porous and require a large amount of daily chemicals to maintain balance and cleanliness. Plaster interacts with the chlorinated water and chemicals causing the extra consumption.

UltraGuard is a 100% non-porous coating. It is the only surface in the swimming pool industry that is impervious to chemicals, acids and chlorine.

Bonding to old plaster pool finish

Plaster pools have a long history of early failures. Plaster failures include blisters, a rough finish, pop offs delaminating and chalking. You can compare our UltraGuard swimming pool surface to superglue, because it actually forms a permanent bond with the substrate. Best of all we guarantee our finish for 5-years that it will not have blisters, a rough finish, pop offs, delaminating and chalking.

Rough Finish

A plaster swimming pool surface usually starts deteriorating after 3-5 years. The plaster finish can be rough enough to scrape elbows and knees. Clients have told us many times that the feet of their children were actually bleeding from the plaster finish.

The UltraGuard pool-resurfacing system will never be rough No scuffed elbows or knees and certainly no bleeding.

Blemishes and Stains

Stains become permanent in a plaster swimming pool finish unless it is acid washed every year. The problem is that acid washing causes plaster deterioration and Roughness.

The UltraGuard swimming pool finishing system resists most stains making the surface is easy to clean. Iron stains are the most difficult stains to remove. If this should happen with the UltraGuard product, we have the answer to this problem.

Algae Resistance

Any homeowner who owns a gunite plaster swimming pool and they will tell you horror stories about algae buildup in the pool. Ask any homeowner that has the UltraGuard  swimming pool resurfacing system, they will tell you that their pool is truly maintenance free in terms of algae. If algae should occur in your pool, UltraGuard does not become a permanent host for the bacteria making it easy to remove.

The Plaster Disaster Is Indeed A National Crisis. The swimming industry has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past 10-years to find out why plaster does not currently have the longevity as in previous years. Contractors today realize this problem and are offering the 3-M color quartz to compensate. These solutions like Pebble Tech and Diamond Bright have their problems but not to the degree plaster has. We have used our UltraGuard on many of these pools where the 3-M colored quartz popped out of the plaster.