Stop Leaks

We have a system where the homeowner can stop any leak in their pool. If you live in an earthquake area like California and your pool split into two pieces our system will stop any future leaks where you had that problem. If you live in areas in Texas and you have earth movement and constantly getting cracks in your pool our system will stop all leaks where you had that problem.
This is a guarantee. WE STOP LEAKS!!

Before you call us we need the following information:
1. Do not empty your pool.
2. Get a turkey baster with color food dye and inject it into the cracks you believe are leaking.
3. We must know the lineal footage of these cracks that are leaking.
4. Do you have a high water table?
5. What is the square footage of your pool? Did you use the pool area calculator?

Then head over and fill out the Questionnaire too