Research for the Federal Government

Our Manufacturer was approached to do research in 2003 as to why certain swimming pools and fuel and water containment tanks with certain coating where failing. They wanted to know why our material was not having the same problems and the Fiberglass coatings (Polyester & Vinylester) the tenimike ( rubber base) and concretes where being penetrated by water and fuel. After over a year of research this is what we found out after testing material and removing other company’s coatings. We found that all these coatings have never been tested for ANTI SWELLING OF EFFECTIVENESS FORMULATIONS or ASTM D4446 testing. Or after testing did not reach the 60 % requirement. Most where below 28%.


1. All of the materials except our epoxy dried from the bottom up. Making them porous (pin holes appearing) due to drying and hydrating outward. All our products that we have developed to dry from the top downward showing no sign of hydration. Plus, if you take any other material and pour it about 2 inches thick, let dry and cut it in half it will have air holes thru the entire product. N.A.P. resin can be poured a foot thick and cut in half and there is not 1 pinhole or air pockets. This is why we were asked to come up with a piling for building bridges that the salt water could not penetrate, and we did, the piling material is now being tested.


2. Also after testing the material for aeration by spraying we found, any material sprayed by pushing the material thru the air causes air to form in the product making it porous. (There is not any material that is sprayed that will dry and become non-porous, spraying causes the material to form pinholes.)


3. A lot of the products on the market, we found, are never tested or certified by a qualified company. Most the material we found such as polyester and vinyl esters will not bond to concrete or steel. Also polyester or vinyl ester will not bond to epoxy; they will peel off like tape after drying. Our epoxy will bond to any material that doesn’t have a waxing agent added to it.


4.After testing we have found that some materials either had the wrong additives or none at all. Such as flex, strength and bonding enhancers. All our material have these additives plus the key to our coatings are the additives such as our FLAKED TITANIUM MICRO BANS & NANO TECHNOLOGIES which as far as we know, we are the only coatings with these material, do to the high cost of the material, most companies will not go to the extra expense.