Why a Primer Bond Coat?

Never compromise a sure thing when it comes to which bonding material or methods to use. Once you have inspected your pool and completed the required preparation and only when, is the bonding agent applied. Our bonding agent is a super bionic 100% Solids Polymer.

*A penetrating primer bond coat, which has a very thin viscosity, is necessary when applying an epoxy coating for pool applications. This primer bond coat becomes part of the pool structure and will give you a proper physical and chemical bond

NO OTHER SYSTEM is capable of withstanding as much movement, chemical resistance and hydrostatic pressure because they lack the flexibility and the strength to permanently bond.

primer1 primer2

We have the only primer bond coat to utilize with almost any surface including previously painted pools with pool paint, epoxy pool paint, rubber based pool paint, acrylic pool paint etc.

Physical & Chemical Bond Strength that no other system can deliver!

Our Primer Bond coat uses a proprietary mix of polymers that actually bonds permanently to the pool substrate. Imagine a coating that has a structural compressive strength of 14,000 PSI, which is virtually indestructible and has an adhesion bond of 5500 PSI. These properties make it virtually impossible for Super Epoxy to “pop-off”, delaminate or have product disintegration. This delivers longevity far beyond the warranty offer.

Super Epoxy penetrating bond coat stops hydrostatic pressure which causes pop-offs and delamination. This allows for the following top coats to permanently bond with the swimming pool substrate, both physically and chemically. All the coatings now become part of the swimming pool structure. No other pool company or product can make the above statements.

primer3 primer4

With the Super Epoxy primer bond coat you achieve a chemical and physical bond. When the color top wears down you are left with the protective primer bond coat and you will be able to rejuvenate the color top coat with ease.

Any one coat application is simply a film finish. Once a coating wears down you will have raw surface exposed to the elements and begin the swimming pool restoration process all over again.

primer5 primer6