Pool Preparation

Pool Preparation is Key

With Super Epoxy and Super Epoxy preparation is the key to the performance of the product. Before we begin the process I will help you troubleshoot your challenges and lead you through the preparation and application process. You will receive detailed instructions of what to do, contingent upon your phone call on and before every step.

The inspection process of your swimming pool including all prospective surface problem areas; which may include chipping, flaking, delamination or peeling.

Pressure washing before coating any surfaces, we eliminate dirt, mold, loose paint, and mildew from all areas with a good, old-fashioned pressure wash. A thorough cleaning helps us uncover problem areas that weren’t evident during the inspection. Pressure washing done correctly will do most of the preliminary preparation.

Structural repairing as meticulously as possible all surface areas of any dilapidation, deterioration or decay and prepare for the coating process. This may include feather sanding, scraping, and, trowel application using a 3 part plaster mix the plaster industry does not want you to know about. This is the last overhaul your swimming pool is going to need!

When it comes to protection to ensure a professional and neat outcome and to safeguard against possible imperfections, we mask and protect all fixtures, tile and anything that is not receiving the coating..

Primer bond coat is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL! The system is only as good as the supportive foundation! We start the coating process with a waterproof, primer bond coat, which cures hydrostatic pressure and prepares all surfaces for the protective color topcoat. The primer bond coat rejuvenates and reinforces the surface and shields it against moisture, cracks or separations. It also adheres strongly to serve as a foundation with which the color topcoat can chemically and physically bonds.

Masking, ground cover expendable materials is part of the preparation process. Everything you need for your project will be explained in detail.

Color topcoat is applied once the preparation is complete and the vapor/condensation test is complete.

Clean up once you have finished applying the topcoat will leave you with a pristine-looking swimming pool!

The Super Epoxy product is a do-it-yourself application. You can save thousands of dollars by doing it yourself. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself you can hire a handyman or house painter to do it for you. We have been extremely successful using house painters for this project. We have shipped over 4,000 homeowners to date. Families like yours, throughout the country, have found that our product is easy to install.