Mechanical Properties Test Results

UltraGuard Coatings recently produced several fiberglass reinforced, laminated sample sheets and presented them to an independent testing laboratory* in order to measure their mechanical properties.

The sample sheets were produced using the same techniques as are used in the field by our technicians and customers, and consisted of the following “lay-up” properties:

• Sample “1” – 1 Woven + 1 Stitch Fiberglass Mat
• Sample “3” – 3 Woven + 1 Stitch Fiberglass Mat

The purpose of the testing was to compare the relative mechanical properties of the old polyester & vinyl ester resin system to our new and predominately, non-toxic epoxy resin system.

Numerous samples were subjected to repetitive testing, however, for the sake of brevity; we have presented the information using a compilation of the “average values” contained in the report.


Of or relating to tension. Capable of being stretched or extended; ductile.

The power to resist attack; impregnability. The power to resist strain or stress; durability.


a quantity that expresses the degree to which a substance possesses a property, such as elasticity.

The act of elongating or the condition of being elongated.

The act or an instance of bending or flexing; flexion.

*Test results by Pacific International