Letter to Tom Newlander

What I am about to say about Steve Sawtelle I’m sure it will shock you. I got a phone call from a contractor working for Ranae Pools in Texas. He told me that a pool he was working on failed because of blistering throughout the entire pool. This pool was approximately 9,000 sq. ft. and it failed before they had the opportunity to put water in it.

The contractor told me while applying the color top coat he realized the viscosity was very loose and could not be applied in a thick 20-23 mil application. He also told me Steve Sawtelle was on the upper deck adding 50% denatured alcohol, which caused the product to thin down.

Here is the shocker! The contractor told me of the 36 units Renae bought, Steve Sawtelle put 18 units of Ranae’s material on his truck and drove away.

Ranae called me and told me what Steve did and placed an order for 36 more units of the Ultraguard 6000.

I’m sure after reading this letter that Steve Sawtelle is nothing more than a common thief.

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