Concrete Cleanser


Now there is no need to acid wash or use TSP at time of prep

After years of research UltraGuard is the first in the pool industry to offer this product, which has many other benefits

Muriatic acid and TSP has become a product of the past when you use the UltraGuard Super Epoxy concrete cleanser. Muriatic acid creates a salt that has caused many failures of other swimming pool coatings because the salts were not removed properly. The UltraGuard Super Epoxy cleanser is a revolutionary cleanser, which removes oils, fats, waxes and etches the concrete with no VOC’s.

The UltraGuard Super Epoxy concrete cleanser converts the bad calcium hydroxide (chalky calcium) to the good calcium that is calcium silicate, which is extremely hard and will bond with the concrete permanently. This also acts as a penetrating sealer which will prevent future failures of the UltraGuard Super Epoxy industrial epoxy coating by stopping contamination from coming to the surface such as hydrostatic pressure, blistering and other problems. Ask any chemist or engineer and they will tell you this is a form of crystallization which helps prevent vapor transmission.

This remarkable product can clean etch and prep the plaster surface, all in one step.