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Fiberglass Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Fiberglass Swimming Pool Resurfacing Posted on January 16th, 2014 by Ken Bankoff If you are a DIY person with the instructions that we send you it is very easy to do. By using our DIY fiberglass swimming pool resurfacing system. UltraGuard is the best DIY Fiberglass Swimming Pool Resurfacing solution on the Internet. Our  Website… Read more »

Fiberglass Pool Restoration

Looking for a long-term solution for your pool?  Are you ready to stop worrying about cracks, leaks or other issues that result from weak epoxies? Then look no further because the future of aquatic and swimming pool industries has come.  Super Epoxy Glass is sure to make the process much simpler and more effective, making… Read more »

Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing

Give your pool a whole new look by using our Fiberglass Pool Restoration process.  We will provide the strongest and longest lasting DIY resurfacing product for the fairest price.  Our acclaimed Super Epoxy Glass far exceeds normal epoxy glass due to its woven polymer string and directional changes of the fibers.  What makes it even more… Read more »

Fiberglass Pool Construction

Did you know that Fiberglass Pool Construction can be a DIY? Most people are not aware that there is a solution to the question of a DIY Fiberglass Pool Construction System. Super Epoxy Glass is a revolutionary epoxy system that when combined with fiberglass matting can actually allow you to construct your own one piece fiberglass… Read more »

DIY Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing

Our DIY Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing system is the best available DIY pool restoration system on the market today. We offer an aggressive 10 year warranty on our best DIY pool resurfacing products. Our two part epoxy system has been tested by independent labs and has been proven to be a true, effective structural and chemical bond…. Read more »