Fiberglass swimming pool restoration

Thank you for clicking on Fiberglass pool restoration as you read this website you will become an intelligent well-informed consumer. We would like to take this moment to thank Google Business for this to happen.

I’m sure after reading the many fiberglass pool restoration websites you are now utterly confused. All these contractors or manufactures claim to have the best product and longevity. None of them will give you aged testimonials that are 8 to 13 years old. Our Fiberglass pool restoration website has testimonials that are the strongest in pool industry today. These testimonials of homeowners just like you will tell you the success they had with our product. You will read testimonials from architects, engineers, and even a paint chemist these professional do their home work by researching different coatings. The one they always try to find on that website are the MSDS sheets which will back up the statements that are made on that website. This is one of the main reasons we get their orders and of course the testimonials.

At the time of this posting pool and fiberglass pool restoration is the only national distributor that offers a 5 and 10-year warranty as a DIY. Other manufactures with beautiful websites do not offer any guarantee as a DIY. These other manufactures evidently don’t have confidence with the homeowner that are applying their product or do not have confidence and quality of their product as a DIY.

Contractors that are installing the product charge their customers extremely high prices to get any sort of warranty. These high prices enable them to come back within 2 or 3 years when the pool is failing by chalking first then blistering and flaking to slap on another gel coat finish. In the last 10 years the majority of these contractors have gone out of business where the customer has a pool with no warranty.

Since 2001 as a local contractor and going on the Internet in 2003 with and fiberglass pool restoration we have been offering our customers A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. At this time on the Internet we are the only company that has an A+ rating. When you click on fiberglass pool restoration you will see some beautiful websites that have been up longer than Pool restoration that have an F rating with the BBB there is one website within the last 8 years that has had an F rating. If you were to Google search and go to the Better Business Bureau they would tell you today they never heard of this company. The truth of this matter they want no parts of them. If you Google, and type Ken Bankoff, you will see an article from this company and I’ll tell you that are lying thru their teeth.

Thank you for taking time and reading the information on our fiberglass pool restoration.