Plaster, Paint and Fiberglass, Oh My!

Problems with Plaster Pools

If you have an aged plaster pool and the finish is rough and stained, you should never use conventional paint for that new beautiful look. Why? Because within a few short years it will start chalking, blistering and flaking. Also, you’ll never get a warranty from any manufacturer, distributor, and contractor as a do it yourself pool restorer. If you’re considering re-plastering your pool, there are absolutely no realistic warranties whatsoever from manufacturers. Your plaster application when the pool was first built, lasted anywhere from 10-23 years, depending upon your water chemistry. Unfortunately, on a re-plaster, the longevity of that is usually 5 or 6 years and the cost is sometimes twice that of UltraGuard, which has a longevity of 10-13 years. You should always check plaster reviews to get the true story of what you could expect if you re-plaster your pool.

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Problems with Epoxy EHB paint

People believe a high cost is a sign of quality. This is especially true for epoxy EHB paint. This may have been true 20-25 years ago, but when the government mandating the removal of lead the paint industry, that’s when the failures of all epoxies started. If you’re considering doing a DIY pool restoration with an epoxy paint or an EHB epoxy paint, you will never get a warranty. All epoxies and paints will chalk and fail within a few years. Ask your neighbors, or better yet, a commercial pool owner, such as a country club, where they paint their pools every year. This is a true fact that you can confirm by speaking to people that have used epoxy paints.

Fixing your Fiberglass Pool

If your fiberglass pool is failing, it is time to try the UltraGuard product. We are Americas #1 product for fixing all your fiberglass pool problems as a DIY. If your local contractor tells you he is going to use a gel coat top coating, ask him if he will give a warranty on it. Remember, this is his warranty, not yours, and it will protect him not you. When checking any warranties from a manufacture or contractor, look on back of the contract where he’s stating his warranties and you will probably find exclusions, in bold print. If you were to give this warranty to your attorney, he would tell you that warranty is not worth the paper it was written on. The UltraGuard process of fixing your fiberglass pool will definitely cost you more than a gel coat finish, but it is an investment into the future, with a greater lifetime longevity and you’ll never be a slave to your pool again.

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Why is Ultraguard the better solution?

Since 2003, UltraGuard has been Americas #1 proven quality, tested product and accepted and installed by over 5000 DIY customers.  Also, UltraGuard has offered the only, no non-sense legitimate guaranty on their fiberglass pool restoration website. The BBB acknowledges our guaranties/warranties and is the only one on the internet today that has given us an A+ rating. When you are searching the internet you should always look at the swimming pool reviews/testimonials. You will find the best reviews and testimonials on this fiberglass pool resurfacing website.

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