DIY Swimming Pool Resurfacing

DIY swimming pool Reviews

there are many reason why swimming pool DIY coatings fail. If you look at our website you can read the 10 most reasons they fail. we have found in the last few years which are propritory other reasons swimming pool finishes fail.  the articals below will help you understand why UltraGuard should be your product of choice

DIY Pool Paint Reviews and Failures

swimming pool interior failures have become a national disaster since the lead was taken out of all pool paints.  If you paint your pool with an epoxy paint, rubber paint ect…. they will all start chalking with in the first or second year.  The next 3-4 years you will see blistering and flaking. you actually become a slave to your pool using a DIY paint.

DIY Fiberglass Pool Reviews and Failures

your one piece fiberglass pool that had a gel coat finish that was applied by the manufacture lasted 10-20 years depending upon your water chemistry.  when you use a gel coat  as a DIY it will start failing by chalking first and then getting hair line spider cracks.  there is no manufacture on the internet that will give a guarranty on a gel coat re do. when your gel coat starts chalking you will find your filter must be cleaned out completely every 2-3 weeks.  the only product installed as a DIY should be the UltraGuard. since 2001 UltraGuard has been giving a 5 and 10 year warranty that will not chalk or crack when applied as a DIY pool resurfacing.

DIY Pool Plaster Reviews and failures

In California where there are earth quakes or texas where the ground moves all the time you have pools that are probally leaking because of cracks. we have perfected over the years where the UltraGuard customer is capable of doing a DIY application of fiberglass which will last as long as you keep the pool filled.  This glass is a heavy 24oz. application when using the UltraGuard product. you should never use a ounce and half or 2 ounce fiberglass because it does not have any structural  integrity. If you are applying on your plaster pool as a DIY any product for reason UltraGuard should be the product that you should use.

there is a history of early failures of plaster pools when a customer is not happy with the condition of there plaster finish  and uses a paint to correct there problems. By using any kind of paint on plaster you have now created a perpetual condition where your painting your pool every 2-4 years