UltraGuard’s Versatility

Plaster swimming pool resurfacing

If you should re plaster your old plaster pool chances are you will not get the kind of longevity as it was first done initially. You also will not get the 5 or 10 year warranty that your contractor offered at that time. If there is a failure even after one year they will always blame it on you because the water chemistry was not kept properly. If you should re plaster your pool the prices could range depending upon the size of the pool $8,000-$20,000.

Fiberglass Swimming Pool Resurfacing

If you are considering fiberglassing your pool with a gel coat as a DIY you will never receive any warranty at all. If you are considering fiberglassing your pool with a gel coat using a contractor to install it for you and he gives you a 5 or 10 year warranty the prices will be so high  because this contractor knows he will be back to apply another coating to back up his guaranty. the only fiberglass application you should consider today is the UltraGuard fiberglass swimming pool resurfacing because we actually give you a warranty recognized by the BBB with an A+ rating.

UltraGuard swimming pool restoration

our website pool restoration and swimming pool restoration went on the internet in 2003. Since then we have sold the UltraGuard product with close to 5,000 DIY customers.  Our product is a two part epoxy coating and is not a swimming pool paint. When your on our pool restoration website you should check out our testimonials that are 10-13 years old. we have an amazing 1.5 failures and most of those failures didn’t have a control number which means they didn’t call us when they were prepping the pool. any customer that had a failure as a DIY and had a control number we have always shipped a new order at no charge and even paid the freight.