UltraGuard Super Epoxy

UltraGuard Super Epoxy is a revolutionary epoxy pool coating that is used to refinish swimming pools without the need for costly fiberglass matting or re-plastering. Our epoxy pool repair system works on all concrete pools and is available as a DIY solution to homeowners who  feel comfortable repairing their own pool.

UltraGuard Super Epoxy uses a two part bonding agent that creates a water tight membrane that can not be broken. Our product is guaranteed to never flake or chip the way that most pool paints will over time. The difference is in the cross linking polymers that our two part epoxy bring together to form one chemical bond. Super epoxy is also an elastomeric system. This means that our product is flexible like a rubber and not rigid like a pool paint.

We challenge you to compare our product to low-cost, low-quality paints as well as high-cost professional plaster resurfacing and fiberglass systems. You will find that our pricing and our results can not be beat.