Gunite Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Gunite Swimming Pool Resurfacing is one of the most traditional ways of restoring a swimming pool. The problems with gunite pool resurfacing are numerous:

  1. Gunite Pool Resurfacing is VERY expensive
  2. Gunite Pool Resurfacing is NOT a DIY Solution
  3. Gunite Pool Resurfacing has a shorter lifespan than an original plaster coating

If you are considering a Gunite Swimming Pool resurfacing and you want to save money with a DIY solution there are a number of other options available. We would suggest an epoxy solution such as Ultraguard Super Epoxy Pool Coating. Super Epoxy will not blister or flake like plaster or gunite and can be easily installed as a DIY for thousands less than a plaster or gunite resurfacing. Please click on the links above to learn more about this DIY pool resurfacing solution.