Greening Solutions-Roof Greening Material-Plastic Plant Container

Plant Containers have become the most popular method of growing plants for gardening. It is the practice of growing plants exclusively in containers instead of planting them in the ground. In the past time, pots, usually made of terracotta are popular used for containers, while now plastic materials haven been the most commonly seen.

Containers range from simple plastic pots,teacups to complex automatic-watering irrigation system. this flexibility in design is another reasion container gardening is popular with growers. They can be found on porches, front steps, and in urban locations, on rooftops.

many container-garden plants like herbs, cacti, decorative flowers, vegetables and small trees. There are many advantages to growing plants in containers, like less risk of soil-borne disease;virtually eliminate weed problems; mobile plants gives more control over moisture, sunlight and temperature.

Leiyuan Green-solution offers decorative plant containers for garden plants and green-roof system. Our plant container roof greening is a technology which is made up of plastic plant container, non-woven textile, soil and plant. After finishing plant work, they are transferred to destination and put on the roof directly.