DIY Plaster Pool Resurfacing

Is there a DIY Plaster Pool Resurfacing Product?

This is a question we get all the time. If you Google “DIY Plaster Pool Resurfacing” you will find a lot of Q&A about this topic. To date there is no official DIY Plaster System that you can purchase. Most plaster resurfacing jobs are performed by a licensed pool contractor and cost many thousands of dollars. You do however have a few DIY options for resurfacing your old plaster pool with something OTHER THAN PLASTER.

DIY Plaster Pool Resurfacing Options

  1. Fiberglass: Fiberglass is a nice option for resurfacing a pool and it will last quite a while if done correctly HOWEVER…It doesn’t make a very good DIY solution. It is a very serious undertaking that includes: HAZMAT suits, Respirators, grinders, mixers and a lot of very expensive materials. If you are thinking about Fiberglass think about hiring a contractor to install it.
  1. Paint: Paint is the oldest form of pool resurfacing. Paint is dirt cheap and can hide a lot of “sins”. The only problem is that paint will need to be re-applied every 1-2 years. Unless you feel like draining your pool each year this really is not a good DIY pool resurfacing solution. Paint is also more of a “cover-up” than an actual repair of the pool’s surface.
  1. Epoxy: Epoxy pool systems like Super Epoxy have ease of use of a paint but can actually fix structural problems the way a fiberglass solution does. You don’t need a lot of knowledge to install an epoxy plaster pool resurfacing system as a DIY. You really only need to know the techniques used in painting a room. Epoxy has a very good lifespan when used correctly. Be sure you buy a quality epoxy that is 100% solids containing no sand or fillers.