DIY fiberglass swimming pool resurfacing

Our DIY Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing system is the only one you should consider. Our DIY pool restoration system is so easy to do that mom and dad could do it if they call us every time they are ready for the next step. We have the best five and ten year warranty on  the best DIY pool resurfacing products, recognized by the BBB with an A+ rating. Sherry labs in Oklahoma has tested our products and has proven that no product on the market comes close to the chemical adhesion and physical adhesion that we have. Based on Sherry labs they are telling you in reality you should never purchase a cheap swimming pool paint or even an EHB epoxy pool paint, they are not an industrial coating and will only lead to problems in the future.

Our SuperEpoxy is the only 100% polymer epoxy that has no junk in it. It is the only DIY fiberglass pool resurfacing that creates a true bond that you would need a sledge hammer to get off. If your one piece fiberglass pool has cracks and is probably leaking you will then use our fiberglass swimming pool resurfacing system that has matting. By using our fiberglass mat you in reality our creating a brand new one piece fiberglass pool.

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