Fiberglass Swimming Pool Repair

Fiberglass swimming pool repair can be a daunting task for the DIY homeowner. Fiberglass is not easy to work with and can lead to disaster if done incorrectly. We do not recommend traditional fiberglass as a DIY solution. It is very cumbersome and the gel coats used to seal in the fiberglass matting have a very high failure rate. Most DIY fiberglass pool resurfacing systems will show bumps and blisters within a few short years.

Super Epoxy is a different way of doing a fiberglass swimming pool repair. It is a two part eco-friendly, green certified non-toxic pool epoxy. Part one being the resin and part two being the hardener. The Resin (part one) is the base. It is made from Soybeans that go through a patented process that creates or turns it into Resin. The Hardener (part two) is the catalyst. Our hardener is made from the nuts enzymes, these enzymes are the actual catalyst. These enzymes are what make the product react with the resin. This chemical reaction is what creates a 100% solid polymer coating with strength of up to 16,500 PSI (a .38 S&W Special Bullet max pressure after fired is 17,000 to 40,000 PSI). When the two parts are mixed you get Ultraguard Super Epoxy.