Fiberglass Pool Repair

Looking for a way to repair your old fiberglass swimming pool? Our Super Epoxy fiberglass pool repair system is exactly what you need. UltraGuard Super Epoxy is a revolutionary two part epoxy system that will seal and repair your fiberglass swimming pool for years to come. Super Epoxy should not be confused with fiberglass pool repair kits containing fiberglass mats and gel coats. Our system creates a chemical and physical bond that will bond to your pool in a way that fiberglass gel coats and not capable of. Most DIY fiberglass pool resurfacing systems will show wear and blistering in a few years. Our UltraGuard 6000 complete fiberglass pool repair system is guaranteed for a least 5 years and costs significantly less than the glass-it-yourself alternatives on the market.

Our product offers maximum flexibility and elongation of the polymers to ensure a permanent bond.