Build Your Own Pool

build your own poolSave valuable time and money by building a pool by yourself!  Don’t pay an unnecessarily high price for a contractor to come in and do what you could do in 1/2 the time.  You can use that extra money for something else for your new pool, such as a slide or maybe a diving board.

Construct your very own pool by following these steps to success:

  1. Dig a hole
  2. Build pool forms from Plywood and Studs
  3. Pour Concrete Floor
  4. Apply Fiberglass Hydromat
  5. Add Color Topcoat
  6. Backfill pool with dirt

Our method of constructing pools requires no re-bar or concrete forms.  You can actually do everything yourself.  Don’t waste your time with a contractor because for 1/2 the cost you can build your very own one-piece fiberglass swimming pool.

CLICK HERE to see the process in action